I do have some requirements from the meeting, please read these carefully.  We don’t want any misunderstandings. 


Payment is kindly expected on meeting upfront please. At the moment I am only able to accept Bank of England genuine notes aka British pound sterling, Queens head ( what my landlord and bill collectors love to receive lol). If you have any foreign money or Irish, Scottish notes please exchange at your bank before we meet. It would be most unfortunate and regrettable if on meeting I would have to decline our liaison, thereby wasting both our time. Thank-you for your co-operation


Most of the time it is much easier to answer your questions by phone than by loads of text messages… and I love to hear your sexy male voice 🙂 However occasionally when you call first, I may be at a public venue where it would not be discreet to answer intimate questions. In such a circumstance when you call, I will let you know this, and will initiate a brief text to answer back (no texting marathon!).  You can also contact me by email.  

I only answer polite phone  and email enquiries and bookings.  Please no dick pictures or obscenities.  (That’s for our meeting, and only within reason.)

Not answering

Please make sure that you are not calling from a withheld number as I don’t tend to take those calls.  If I am busy and can’t take the call please try again later or I will call you back when free. Thank you.

Do you offer bareback

Bareback is an absolute no go! So please do not ask and respect my choice. xx


You will find me fresh and clean with minty fresh breath for every appointment.  This is a very intimate liaison, and I expect the same courtesy from gentlemen wishing to see me. I do have shower facilities available with fresh clean towels. I do not smoke and most accommodations I work from do not allow smoking.


I absolutely refuse to see clients under the influence of drugs or are intoxicated with alcohol.  Social light drinking is fine so long as you are of the legal age. Do not bring any illegal substances to my work premises. I refuse to work in an unsafe or illegal manner.

Poppers provided by client themselves for their own personal use is fine.

Private Accommodation

If a private accommodation, I prefer clients I have met before. Please have a landline, with your full legal name, full address and postcode. If you do not have a landline and only mobile, still give me your legal name and full address.  Please you can email me a clear bold picture of any gas, electric or internet bill showing your name and full address.  If this all checks out correctly, great we can meet. I then do ask for a very small token deposit via AW vouchers or phone credit vouchers. Of course the amount is subtracted from the fee upon arrival. Any information received will be treated with the utmost discretion, and upon completing our session and leaving safely, I delete everything.